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Gambling on free slot is now available for Android devices

Playport Gaming

Android free slot games With advanced technologies gambling is becoming more popular on different devices, including small personal gadgets. One of such modernized options has been recently introduced by Playport. The company has published a classical slot game – Slots Social Casino – functioning on the devices featuring Android 2.3.3 platforms and above. The main advantage of the new game is that it’s free to play for anyone.   Here one can buy a huge variety of extra chips. Each gambler gets 1000 free chips just for downloading the game version with bets that start at 25.

The first free chips are enough to experience all the pleasures of the game and to decide if you wish to purchase some more additional chips for having extra fun. Free chips, though, is not the only surprise that the slot game has in store for gamblers. It also features an excellent choice of various themes to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Here one may meet themes with thrilling story-lines, such as “Treasure Island” or more exquisite ones, like “Stone Age” or “Halloween”.  The peculiarity of the game process on such free slots, however, is that a gambler can’t choose the beloved game from the very start. He has to start with “Treasure Island”. When he reaches the third level, he is empowered to move on to Stone Age and to other games. So, every gambler will gain much unforgettable experience from spinning these slots. Gamblers will certainly appreciate such options, as an auto spin and a pay table function representing all possible winning combinations.

How To Win Slots

At present only nine such slots are available and thirteen are expected to be launched soon. These free slots have already proven to be very addictive. The new themes upcoming in the nearest future strengthen gamblers’ interest in the game and keep them playing these slots passionately and with much enthusiasm. So, the invention of Slots Social Casino is a real step forward to the most convenient gambling, preserving all the magnetism and attraction of real free slots.

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